Belkin Netcam : Watch Your Home from Anywhere

If you want to keep an eye on every movement that happens inside your house, a home security camera is what you need. But what features should it have? Well, it depends very much on your expectancies and requirements. There are many cameras out there that do a lot of things and have various features. You just need to find one that suits your needs. We checked out the Belkin NetCam, and we will tell you what we discovered in the following lines. After you read the details concerning this camera, you will be able to say whether this is what you need or you have to keep looking.

Last update was on: July 3, 2018 3:44 am

Belkin Netcam

The camera has a small size and elegant design. It can easily blend in with various other items in your home, as it is not larger than an iPhone 4. An adjustable stand will allow you to fit it according to your preferences. This stand has a mounting plate, enabling you to position the camera on the wall or ceiling, according to needs. Also, a mini-ball head will allow you to turn it to 360 degrees horizontally and 90 degrees vertically.

The camera is at the top of the device, and a microphone can be found in its lower part. It is quite versatile when it comes to ways of using it. As it is not being just a static camera that has to be put in one single place.

The setup is incredibly easy as well. It comes with a quick start guide, which will allow you to get started in a matter of seconds. You will just have to switch the camera on and download the app for it on your smartphone or tablet, and you are ready to go.

Belkin NetCam offers video recording that is motion-activate. The footings are save on the cloud so you can check on them at any time. But, do have in mind that this will not happen automatically, as you will need to sign up for the Belkin cloud service if you want to enjoy this feature. Also, it is a paid service, in case you prefer to have your videos saves this way.

Another feature would be the fact that the camera will allow you to transmit voice messages. While the microphone, mentioned earlier, will enable you to listen to any sounds or voices in that particular room.

Belkin NetCam is also compatible with the WeMo products, so you can pick any of them if you want some extras. These compatible products have apps for easy control as well. So you can easily handle everything with the help of a mobile device.


  • It is a very affordable security camera;
  • The setup is easy and fast, which can be done by anyone;
  • The camera has night vision so that it will work in the dark as well;
  • It works with WeMo products, as they are compatible with this camera;


  • There may be moments when the camera seems to have trouble streaming 720p images;
  • The WeMo products have to be operated by a separate app, not the same app that operates the camera;

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