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DBPOWER DJS10 – Looks like a Power Bank !

A jump starter is always something to have around in your car. This is because it is hard to predict when your battery will bail on you. So besides the first aid kit and fire extinguisher, a jump starter should complete your must-have items for a safe and hustle-free road trip. Still, it is known that jump starters are bulky pieces, making them unattractive. And also making the driver sacrifice too much space in the car’s trunk. Well, we found a small and compact car jumper: DBPOWER DJS10 , which is capable enough to develop sufficient power to start a car.

Last update was on: August 2, 2018 6:57 pm

DBPOWER DJS10 Jump Starter

The DBPOWER DJS10 Jump Starter is the perfect device for those persons that don’t like large pieces of equipment. In fact, it is so small that no one will believe it is a jump starter. Moreover, it also has a compact design and a modern look, making it enjoyable for everybody.

However, don’t let the small size of this device fooling you. DBPOWER DJS10 is capable of developing 400 amperes. This is enough to start a 5-liter gas car, and also a 3-liter diesel car as well. And to get it up and running, all it needs is 5 hours of charging. Yes, this little needs to recharge the unit and make it ready for use whenever you may need it.

But the car’s battery is not the only one that will beneficiate from the presence of this car jumper. With two USB ports, the device is capable of also charging mobile phones and tablets. Pretty much almost anything that is chargeable with USB port.

So it is more than useful while on the road because it will provide the power source you need to keep your favorite device running in any conditions.

Still, are you afraid of using the start jumper’s clamps? Either because you are concerning on short-circuit, or you think you’re going to get yourself electrocuted?

We can say that such things won’t happen, due to the advanced protection system of the clamps. The clamps are protected against the electric current so that you can use them safely. Also, they are protected against overload, short-circuiting, over-charge or over-voltage.

Practically, nothing can go wrong when using this jump starter.

You may also find the device rather affordable as well, despite its high-class appearance. The smaller size makes it suitable to put in a bag, for outdoor adventures, or stored in the glovebox. This reduces space usage inside the car.

DBPOWER DJS10 has three different modes for the LED light, including the SOS mode. Which makes it extremely useful when you have troubles while camping or unroll any activities out in the open. It is an excellent piece of equipment that doesn’t only looks good but is extremely useful as well.

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