Kingii: The smallest inflatable portable device

When the temperatures outside rise, many people think about spending days in the water. Such as beach, pool, lake, or any water front. Unfortunately, there are many drowning cases in the hot season. Many people venturing into the comforting waters, without realizing that things can go wrong. Under these circumstances, you probably wish to know that you and your loved ones are safe, no matter where you go. Even in lifeguards are present, don’t rely entirely on them. As they may get overwhelmed during summer months. How can you stay safe no matter what? This is why the Kingii Wearable Recreational Water Device was created.

Last update was on: August 14, 2018 3:29 pm

Kingii Wearable Recreational Water Device

Well, so what is it?

It is the smallest inflatable portable device that will keep you safe while you swim, surf, fish, or enjoy any water sports. It comes under the shape of a discreet bracelet, containing an inflatable balloon, a CO2 cart, and a lever that will trigger the inflation process. All of them compacted in a device that is easy to wear and will not be uncomfortable during your activities.

If you sense that you cannot reach the surface, if you feel tired to swim, experience a lack of air or muscular cramps while you’re in the water, it is enough to pull the lever on the device, and the balloon will pop out in a matter of seconds, keeping you at the surface.

How sturdy is such a balloon?

It can support a person weighing up to 250 lbs. and it can remain inflated up to 48 hours. Also, besides the balloon, you will also have a compass to guide you and a whistle, which will support you in getting help as soon as possible.

Once you used the balloon, you can easily refill the CO2 cartridge and prepare it for another use, when needed. Yes, the device from Kingii is reusable, being there for you all the time.

It is an investment done for your safety, and for the safety of all your family members. Don’t think that it cannot happen to you, because even calm waters can suddenly turn into an unseen danger.

It is impossible to tell whether the swimming conditions are dangerous or not. Why take any chances when you can stay on the safe side so simple. With this ultra-light and very powerful device, you will feel secure during your vacations, getaway trips, and days at the beach.

Don’t allow danger to shadow your most beautiful days, keeping the Kingii Wearable Recreational Water Device close, on your wrist, where it can save your life at need.

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