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PanaVise 350 : Your extra hands always be there

When working on a project in your garage or shed, you mostly need both hands. So, it is quite frustrating when you have to hold onto a heavy object while trying to work on it at the same time. You don’t always have a friend or neighbor around when you need them. So the entire process becoming difficult and tiring. Guess what? Someone thought about people that like doing things on their own! And then creating the PanaVise 350 Multi-Purpose Work Center.

Last update was on: August 17, 2018 6:24 am

PanaVise 350 Multi-Purpose Work Center

This is a tool that will become indispensable in any workshop, garage or shed, where your projects come to life. It has the ability to hold onto heavy objects, while you will have both hands free to work on them.

PanaVise 350 Multi-Purpose Work Center is a compact work-holding tool. It can be the set of hands you often need when working. It has a steady round flat base, with a single-knob head. This can be turn, tilt and rotate, according to your preferences.

The head can also open up to 9”, being adjustable up to this side. So that it will fit any object you will to hold in place. Two removable neoprene jaws will ensure a secure grip on whatever item they will hold. This allowing you to work without the risk of slipping or falling off.

The head can also rotate to 360 degrees, allowing you increased mobility while working. Moreover, the base of the tool can also serve as a tray for small parts. So that you will have everything you need in reach, finishing your projects in record time.

The tool is guaranteed to last for a lifetime. Unless you have the bad luck to find an item that has a manufacturing defect. If you notice anything wrong about the PanaVise product you bought, make sure to contact the manufacturer in a 60-day term, to have your work-holding tool replaced.

Also, do have in mind that you will have to follow the instructions when assembling the tool. Because any damage inflicted by an improper installation, or if you fail provide proper maintenance, will lead to the cancelling of the lifetime warranty.

But, you shouldn’t worry, because if you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, concerning the installation and maintenance operations, you will have no trouble with this exceptional holding tool.

Last update was on: August 17, 2018 6:24 am

With PanaVise 350 Multi-Purpose Work Center, your extra set of hands will always be there, steady and reliable, assisting you in every project. Nothing will hold you back anymore, as you will have the mobility and independence to work whenever you want and for how long you want.

There is no need to depend on friends and relatives to help you out with holding heavier items, while you use your both hands for working. It is time to enjoy the time you spend working in your workshop or at your personal projects, because one of the most unpleasant tasks just became pleasant.

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