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Did you ever feel the need to share a photo or text with someone, but the camera on your mobile device was not as good as you wanted? Did you want to scan something and you were frustrated that you couldn’t? It’s time to forget about low-quality pictures taken with your phone! As you have a small and light device that can do this task for you. PocketScan seems to be the perfect solution for copying photos and text. In fact, it support any type of content that can be scanned, including fabrics and various other surfaces.

We liked the idea and wanted to know more about this interesting device, so here is what we found.

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We are used to seeing scanners that are big and bulky, but this one is far from being this way. In fact, this scanner is as small as a mobile phone, fitting comfortably in one hand with ease.

So, if PocketScan so small, you probably wonder how it will scan an entire page. That is simple because you simply need to drag the scanner all over the page. Still, the movements should not be chaotic, because the scanner will not be able to compose the correct image. Thus, you will have to start from the top of the page, going from the left side to the right side. Then, as you move to the next row, you will have to continue from right to the left this time. Bear in mind that you shouldn’t discontinuing the flow of your movements on the page or picture.

As you can see, PocketScan is not hard to use at all. And you can download the scanned content on any device you may like. All you need to have is a device with Bluetooth, to transfer the file onto a computer, phone or tablet.

So we believe that such a scanner can be very useful for a high number of activities, whether it is something you have to do for school, at the office, during a meeting, you name it.

PocketScan has an advanced Optical Character Recognition technology, which will help you when scanning documents and various text pieces. With this technology, the scanner is capable of distinguishing between 30 different languages for your phone or table, and about 180 languages for a computer that uses both Mac and Windows operating systems.

So it can be a great partner when traveling, as it is able to translate for you. All you need to do is scan the text, in whatever language it may be, and the scanner will display it in your language, on your phone or tablet. You will never have to be puzzled when it comes to foreign languages again.

To get started, all you need to do is connect the pocket scanner with your favorite device through Bluetooth. Once the scan is complete, taking only a few seconds, you will be able to edit the image immediately. You can use Microsoft Word or Evernote for texts, Excel for tables, and any image editor for pictures.

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