PowerAll PBJS12000R – Your pocket-sized Jump Starter

A jump starter is useful because it may save you from a lot of trouble when traveling by car. A device of this type that can do more than just starting your vehicle is even better. And if you can get one that is very light and small, you can consider it like winning the jackpot. Luckily, there are some models that were made to be highly portable. We discovered PowerAll PBJS12000R, and we are ready to share the details with you.

Last update was on: June 28, 2018 1:52 am

PowerAll PBJS12000R Jump Starter

The PowerAll PBJS12000R is a Portable Power Bank as well as a Car Jump Starter. It is more than ready to surprise you with both its appearance and functionality features. If you are familiar with jump starters, you may surprise to see how small this device can be.

PowerAll PBJS12000R is no regular jump starter, being so small that it could easily fit a pocket. But even so, it can develop 400 amperes, being a highly efficient lithium jump starter. And with a capability of starting a car or truck of 12 volts.

No idea how effective this small jump starter is? You should know that a full charge of the device is enough to start your car 20 times before it runs out of power. It is quite potent for a jump starter that can fit into a pocket.

Before you decide whether this is the right product for you, you should also know that PowerAll PBJS12000R can be used in other ways. Besides giving a power kick to your car battery, it also has two USB charging ports. This is highly useful for any mobile device that can be charged through such ports.Furthermore, if in need, it can even turn into a flashlight, using a powerful LED light to help you see your way.

The fact that it is so small and light can make it the perfect candidate for your backpack. Especially for hiking or camping, offering you the power you need for your devices, plus a light to guide you at night. And when it comes to mobile devices, the jump starter also comes with multiple adapters. And it fits a broad range of phones, tablets, and other portable technology.

We really like the device because it is so versatile and small. It shows that jump starters do not need to be large and heavy to be efficient. Besides, we all know just how frustrating it can be for your dead battery while on the road or camping. No more worries once you have this jump starter. It is easy to use and easy to carry around, whether you put it in the glovebox or a bag.

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